Changzhou Jinyuan Green Additives Factory

Add:Changzhou xinbei district town industrial park in the southern district of Ben niu

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Changzhou jinyuan green chuan aid agent works is the production of series of textile dyeing auxiliaries professional manufacturers, through the years of cooperation with many scientific research units, combined with foreign advanced technology, development, production of three series of dozens of products has been widely used in modern textile and dyeing industry.

The plant in the r&d and production of long-term practice, rely on strong scientific research support and abundant human resources, efforts to improve their ability to innovate, constantly develop new products and broaden the application field. The factory upholds the "excellent quality, good faith treat people" business policy, the use of advanced detection equipment and detection means, in harmony with modern management, in the printing and dyeing before treatment and after finishing technology has obtained the proud achievement.

"Empty sea, tolerance is a great", changzhou jinyuan green chuan aid agent works will continue to improve their own quality, carefully build first-class products, dedicated contribute to China's dyeing and printing industry.



About us