Chairman Speech

After the vicissitudes of the spring and autumn period and the ancient yancheng, winding played the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, eternal legend, carrying a perennial changzhou people dream……

The 21st century today, I'm with you in high civilization, a new era of rapid development and YingJiChangKong, win, the hero.

Jin yuan of us however, drinking water source, deeply touched. Throughout the enterprise through the course, can go through the mill in nearly 20 years of wind and rain, continue to grow stronger,in addition to its own hard efforts, more importantly, thanks to the country's reform and opening-up policy; Thanks to the enthusiasm of the social celebrities from all walks of life support at all levels; At the same time, also thanks to the strong support of the new and old customers and favor. Here, along with very high respect!Honest business, the good faith treats people. Jin yuan people deeply understand, first of all is how the elements of enterprise success, only are ready, will gather a good talent, to create good products, will be invited to a good dealer, win a good customer.

Huge empty space, no matter how deep and broad, I live with you is only in a small global village. With the rapid development of global industrialization, the earth's natural resources will be less and less, will be more and more serious environmental pollution. Take care of the earth, care for the ecological environment, that is, take care of ourselves. As our consistent pursuit: changzhou jinyuan green chuan aid agent works is to adhere to the green environmental protection, the concept of low carbon economy; The research and development of new varieties, energy conservation and environmental protection additives and introduced practical technology, good technical services; Constantly people-oriented, give play to the subjective initiative of employees, perfect the enterprise internal normalization, scientific management, keep the stability of product quality; Constantly adhere to customer first, service first principle, do a good job of the marketing; Do urgent for printing and dyeing enterprises are eager to want to printing and dyeing enterprises, close sex relationship, help each other, seek common development and win-win co-prosperity. For the sustainable development of dyeing and printing industry as we to the silly art of gossip!

I wish I and you, almost every luck again……