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Polyester with smooth agent CY - 2606

This product is smooth agent containing silicon can be used for any fiber, especially for polyester, mercerized wool excellent smoothness and softness.

Tc smoothing agent CY - 2609

This product is a special tc smooth finishing agent, can give the fabric soft, smooth touch feeling, good washing resistance and antistatic properties.

Polyester fabric flame retardant CY - 203

Flame retardant CY - 203 is a new kind of washes environmental protection type of flame retardant, suitable for durable flame retardant polyester fabric. You just need to lower dosage of excellent durable flame retardant effect.

The Super Deep agents CY-280

The super deep dyeing CY-280 is the use of a unique silicone emulsion technology preparation of amino-modified silicone increasing deep agents, softeners, mainly used as a textile after finishing the increase in the depth and softness. Provide superior to traditional amino-modified silicone Deep agents, softeners excellent slip.

Does not fall hair softener (triple) CY-BD

Not fall hair softener (triple) CY-BD is a special polymer compound, set a soft, smooth, bright as one of the finishing agent. Can be given to cotton, T / C, and its various fiber super soft, dry, plump feel good, and does not cause yellowing or whiteness reduced, and high-temperature baking.

Changzhou jinyuan

Changzhou jinyuan


Create quality products with care, and work hard to contribute to the Chinese printing and dyeing industry.

Changzhou jinyuan green chuan aid agent works is the production of series of textile dyeing auxiliaries professional manufacturers, through the years of cooperation with many scientific research units, combined with foreign advanced technology, development, production of three series of dozens of products has been widely used in modern textile and dyeing industry.



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