The Super Deep agents CY-280

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Keywords:Pre-treatment additives series |  Dyeing Printing Series

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Product Details

The super deep dyeing CY-280 is the use of a unique silicone emulsion technology preparation of amino-modified silicone increasing deep agents, softeners, mainly used as a textile after finishing the increase in the depth and softness. Provide superior to traditional amino-modified silicone Deep agents, softeners excellent slip.



Amino-modified silicone.



Appearance: milk white emulsion specific gravity (25 ° C): 1.00;

Ion: partial cationic PH value: 9.5;

Solubility: soluble in water at room temperature environmental / toxic: green nontoxic, to the FDA wearing protective equipment.



Confers the fabric excellent hyperchromic effect, especially in the dark fabric of black and dark blue disperse dyes, reactive dyes processing; emulsifier content is very low, so you can improve the fabric dry friction color fastness and wet friction color fastness , to reduce the migration of the dye or pigment; significantly enhance the tear strength of the fabric and elastic; excellent thermal stability and shear resistance; economical and practical, the amount is extremely low.



◇ amino-modified silicone deep dyeing

◇To cotton twill and corduroy

◇The amino-modified silicone softener

◇ viscose fiber and cellulose acetate

◇ slip

◇ dark black or dark blue polyester woven fabrics increase in the depth softener

◇The cotton and cotton blends goods knitted and woven fabrics



The optimum dosage depends on the requirements of the dark degree, fabric types and finishing conditions.

Padding → drying → curing the continuous method (PH value without adjustment)

Dosage: 30 ~~ 50g / L, temperature: room temperature, rolling over rate: 65 to 100%, drying and curing: 100 to 160 ° C.

The impregnation process (PH value without adjustment)

Dosage: 3.0 to 5.0% (owf), bath ratio: 1:8 ~ 10, temperature: room temperature, time: for 20 ~~ 30min, drying and curing: 100 to 130 ℃.



1.Handling the transport of dangerous goods by non-light loading and unloading, not to the bucket upside down, to prevent the barrel to break leakage.

2. plastic buckets lined with plastic 50/120/150 kg.

3. Storage is in a cool, dry, ventilated storage; shelf life of six months.

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