Polyester fabric flame retardant CY - 203

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Product Details

Flame retardant CY - 203 is a new kind of washes environmental protection type of flame retardant, suitable for durable flame retardant polyester fabric. You just need to lower dosage of excellent durable flame retardant effect.


【 Composition 】

Organic phosphorus derivatives.


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: colourless to pale yellow liquid;

Ion: weak cation;

PH: 2 ~ 4;

Solubility: can any percentage dissolved in water.


【 Characteristics 】

This product belongs to the efficient flame retardant, flame retardant performance, widely used in home textile, decoration, traffic tools such as interior cloth and cloth toys, durability and cost performance is very ideal.


【 Application 】

Flame retardant finishing method of CY - 203 is the pad method. In front of the fire retarding treatment best do alkali deweighting treatment, so as to change the hygroscopic property of polyester, handle, effectively remove impurities on the surface of the fabric, significantly improve the flame retardant finishing effect.

A, alkali deweighting process:

1. Process recipe: NaOH 10 ~ 30 g/L, anionic penetrating agent 1 ~ 2 g/L

2. Process flow: from fabric impregnation liquid alkali reduction (95 ~ 100 ℃ by 30 ~ 40 min) to fully washed, dried

2, flame retardant finishing: flame retardant the dosage of the CY - 203 should do corresponding adjustment according to the thickness of the fabric is different.

1. Process recipe: flame retardant CY - 203 40 ~ 80 g/L

2. The preparation of the working liquid:

In liquor trough in 70 ~ 80% of the water, then add flame retardant CY - 203, stirring, then add the other additives (need to in advance whether it influences flame retardant effect), and add to the scale, stir to mix well. With good working fluid 8 hours after application.

3. The process flow:

Fabric - two dip two rolling (mangle rate 60-70%) - > drying (80 ~ 100 ℃) - > curing (170 ~ 190 ℃ (1 ~ 3 min), washing and drying


【 Note 】

1. Before joining other additives should be test in the experiment.

2. The baking temperature must be strictly controlled, otherwise affect the washing resistance and flame retardant effect.

3. For some special dye, the color should be obtained before production test in change.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum lined with plastic film 50/125/150 kg/barrel. Prevent with anionic packaging barrels packaging this product.

3. The plastic bucket sealed in a cool and ventilated place, storage period of two years.

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