Does not fall hair softener (triple) CY-BD

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Not fall hair softener (triple) CY-BD is a special polymer compound, set a soft, smooth, bright as one of the finishing agent. Can be given to cotton, T / C, and its various fiber super soft, dry, plump feel good, and does not cause yellowing or whiteness reduced, and high-temperature baking.



Special polymers.



Appearance: white thick;

PH: 7;

Solubility: soluble in cold water;

Storage stability: the freezing temperature is not sensitive.



1Confers cotton, T / C, and a variety of other fiber good super soft, dry, plump feel and excellent smoothness and softness, bright sense.

2Hardly cause yellowing, suitable for fluorescent bleached fabric finishing.

3 Give fibers excellent resiliency.

4 Can greatly reduce the production cost.

5 And used in the resin processing, does not dissolve the resin and catalyst, etc., and stability, and does not occur causing the problem, and effectively prevent the strength reduces.



1 Padding :40-50g / l

Process: a dip a rolling → drying (110 ~ 120 ℃) → baking (150 ~ 170 ℃)

Impregnation method :4-6% (o.w.f)

Process: dipping (20 ~ 30min, 20 ~ 40 ℃) → dehydration → drying (110 ~ 120 ℃) → baking (150 ~ 170 ℃)



1.By non-dangerous goods transport.

2. plastic buckets lined with plastic 50/120/150 kg.

3. Storage is in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse; shelf life of six months.

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