CY-269 color stripper

Category: After finishing auxiliaries series

Keywords:Pre-treatment additives series |  Dyeing Printing Series

Product Description: Changzhou Jili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of truck and special vehicle cab shock absorbers and automobile cab turnover mechanism.

Product Details

CY-269 color stripper is used to restore the dyes, sulfur dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes, a new type of high-quality color stripper. Compared with the traditional process can be easily stripped cloth dye, and plays a very good level dyeing.



Special polymers.



Appearance: light-colored transparent liquid;

Ion: nonionic;

PH value: 5 ~ 7;

Solubility: diluted with water in any proportion;

Stability: acid, alkali and electrolyte.



Than the traditional process more easily stripped cloth dye;

Stripping uniform not return staining;

3 can also be used as a white, anti-stain soaping agent;

4. Mild, does not damage the fiber;

Comply with environmental performance, and compatibility.



Recommended dosage and processes: Vat Dyes stripping: (1) Padding (reducing steam box) color stripper CY-269: 20 to 50 g / l sodium hydroxide: 30 ~~ 35g / l; Second Baptist Second rolling (rolling the liquid rate 100 ~ 110%) → steaming 102 ° C, 2 ~~ 3min → hot water washing → cold washing → drying. (2) a dipping method (jigger) Stripping: CY-269: 5 ~~ 15g / l, sodium hydroxide: of 5 ~~ 10 g / l of; process conditions: 95 ~ 100 ℃ × 60min. (3) immersion method (overflow) Stripping: CY-269: 2 ~~ 6g / l, sodium hydroxide: 3 to 5g / l of; process conditions: 95 ~ 100 ℃ × 40min.



1.By non-dangerous goods transport.

2. plastic buckets lined with plastic film 50/120/150kg / barrel.

3. plastic barrel stamped put in a cool, well-ventilated place, the storage period of one year.

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