Special silicone soft finishing agent CY - TS

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Product Description: Changzhou Jili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of truck and special vehicle cab shock absorbers and automobile cab turnover mechanism.

Product Details

This product is a new technology for synthesis of ternary copolymer structure quarter amine salt modified high-grade soft hydrophilic finishing agent. After finishing the fabric with special softness and drapability and slide may just as well, and not yellow, high tear strength. Is a kind of high-end multi-functional finishing agent of fabric.


【 Composition 】

Special polymer


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: colorless to pale yellow liquid

Ion: cation

Viscosity value: < 10000 CST (25 ℃)

Solubility: soluble in water


【 Characteristics 】

1. The fabric treated with this product has a unique soft, smooth and plump touch like silk effects, and the water absorption performance. Excellent water resistance and no yellowing white and light color fabric.

2. This product is not layered after emulsification, no silicon spot, electrolyte and hard water resistance, shearing resistance, resistance to PH to 12, alkaline, high temperature (100 ℃). Has good stability.

3. Handle color fabric is repairable.

4. This product is specially used in cotton, sponge thick or thin of the blended fabric.

5. Does not affect the hydrophilic cotton and blended fabric itself; Can improve the hydrophilicity of chemical fiber fabrics.

6. Outstanding effect of elastic knitting products can improve tensile resilience.


【 Application 】.

Impregnated usage: 1 ~ 5% O.W.F) emulsion (15%)

Pad usage: 10 ~ 30 g/L emulsion (15%)


【 Description 】

Glasses are operating and safety: when handling this product.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum lined with plastic film 50/125 kg/barrel.

3. The plastic bucket sealed in a cool and ventilated place, shelf life one year.

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