Fuzz agent CY - KQ

Category: After finishing auxiliaries series

Keywords:Pre-treatment additives series |  Dyeing Printing Series

Product Description: Changzhou Jili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of truck and special vehicle cab shock absorbers and automobile cab turnover mechanism.

Product Details

Fuzz agent CY - KQ is suitable for cotton, artificial cotton, synthetic fiber, T/C blended fabric, fleece, fluff and soft finishing. Treated fabric has excellent fat bulk feeling, antistatic property, can shorten pile, pile number, save working hours. At the same time, the weak cationic characteristics, but also to avoid the problem of general softener yellowing, and finished fabric with sweat absorption by the water absorption characteristics of special effects. Special application in fine denier polyester knitted fabric "waving" product effect is very good.


【 Composition 】

A variety of advanced surfactant compound with content


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: milky white liquid

Ion: weak cation

PH: 7 ~ 8

Solubility: can be diluted with water in any ratio


【 Characteristics 】

1, this product has the low foaming, antistatic, soft smooth, can improve the fabric elasticity;

2, this product burr effect is good, water is very high, the finished fabric wicking properties;

3, this product is a weak cationic softener water imbibition, with no yellowing properties;

4, this product is for cotton and viscose, synthetic fiber, T/C blended in the operation of product such as fiber produced by static electricity preventing effect, can make the brush work smoothly.


【 Application 】

Impregnation method: 1 ~ 3% O.W.F) 50 ℃ x 20 min

Padding method: 10 ~ 30 g/L


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum lined with plastic film 50/120/150 kg/barrel.

3. The plastic bucket sealed in a cool and ventilated place, storage period of one year.

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