Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent CY - 2128

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Product Details

Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent CY - 2128 has excellent absorption capacity to ultraviolet ray, can effectively inhibit the light of the fabric yellowing phenomenon, excellent soft feel.


【 Composition 】

Light stability agent, polymer, stabilizing agent, etc.


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: fluorescent slightly translucent liquid;

Ion: weak cation;

PH value: 6.5 ~ 7;

Solubility: can be diluted with water in any ratio.


【 Characteristics 】

Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent CY - 2128 mainly contain ultraviolet absorption materials, anti-ultraviolet finishing agent CY - 2128, non-toxic, safe to human body, no stimulation to skin, no allergic reaction, does not affect the fabric colour and lustre, strong absorption and vapor. The fabric treated with CY - 2128 can effectively screen ultraviolet radiation, about 180-400 nm band ultraviolet light has good absorption, reflection and scattering function. The CY - 2128 finishing the UPF of fabrics is relatively high, and washing resistance and stability are excellent. Suitable for cotton, silk, wool, polyester, polyamide fibre and its blended fabric of high efficiency permanent anti-uv finishing, and can improve some sunlight fastness of dye.


【 Application 】

1. Pad method process: process flow: the fabric after dying to pad ultraviolet prevention solution, drying (80 ~ 110 ℃) and picture (160 ~ 170 ℃, 120 ℃ or 30 seconds, 5 ~ 6 minutes) usage: 2 ~ 6 g/L.

2. Coating method, process, technological process, the fabric after dying to coating, drying, and high temperature curing or stretching) usage: 10 ~ 20 g/L.

3. The impregnation process: used for pure polyester and nylon fabric and yarn. Usage: 0.5 ~ 2% O.W.F.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum lined with plastic film 50/120/150 kg/barrel.

3. The plastic bucket sealed in a cool and ventilated place, storage period of one year.

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