Fluoride waterproofing agent CY - 970

Category: After finishing auxiliaries series

Keywords:Pre-treatment additives series |  Dyeing Printing Series

Product Description: Changzhou Jili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of truck and special vehicle cab shock absorbers and automobile cab turnover mechanism.

Product Details

The product to Japan's xu nitrate subsidiary of imported raw materials, through scientific processing, manufacturing, with functions of water-proof, oil-repellent and anti-fouling. High resistance to water pressure, soft, smooth, good cold resistance. Is suitable for the requirement of high waterproof raincoat, poncho, car hood, etc products, as well as a variety of special coating fabric finishing.


【 Composition 】

Containing fluorine polymer compound with emulsion.


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: light brown viscous liquid;

Ion: cation;

PH: 2 ~ 5;

Solubility: in any proportion dilution with water;

Stability: alkali resistance, resistance to high temperature and freezing.


【 Characteristics 】

Fu in the fabric good water performance

With warm cloth processing, the durability of the effect of water

Products high stability, easy operation, non inflammable, security

And emulsifier in the processing groove, inorganic salts or PH change has good mechanical and chemical stability


【 Application 】

Pad usage: 20 to 50 g/L rate of mangle: 50 ~ 80%

Drying temperature: 80 ~ 100 ℃ by 60 ~ 100 seconds

Baking temperature: 150 ~ 160 ℃ by 30 ~ 60 seconds


【 Description 】

With other cation/non-ionic softener spell mix for soft, smooth feel.

Please stir well before use. If the cloud is not recommended for pad suspension process.

This product is available in 180 ~ 220 ℃ pressure light, the light, can get ideal gloss.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum lined with plastic film 50/120/150 kg/barrel. Prevent with anionic packaging barrels packaging this product.

3. The plastic bucket sealed in a cool and ventilated place, storage period of one year.

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