CY - YG anion ointment

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Product Details

This product is a superior non silicon anion ointment, it gives natural fiber, good water imbibition and softness, increase wearing comfort, breathable, can bath with whitening agent, does not affect the color, not yellow; Washing 5 ~ 10 times also can very good hydrophilic performance; This product is suitable for pure cotton knitted fabric, towel products. Especially for colour and lustre is strict and bleached yarn fabric softening is more suitable.


【 Composition 】 paste form polymers


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: milky cream body dissolved solution: arbitrary proportion soluble in water

From child sex: anionic active ingredients: ≧ 85%

PH: acidic


【 Characteristics 】

1, this product is the emulsification ointment, uniform emulsification, quick speed, long storage period.

2, both the chemical stability of nonionic, cationic handle.

3, fluffy, feel soft.

4, under the high temperature (180 ℃) is not yellow, can be used for bleaching, and printing products.

5, With whitening agent, resin finishing agent, dye bath with use.

6, with amino silicone anionic hydroxy spell with milk, can improve the yellowing, reduce the cost.


【 Nitrogen-treated method 】

1, make up: anionic ointment is 100 kg; Deionized water 900-1100 kg (1 open 10 ~ 12).

2, operation: anionic ointment stir in half of the cold water for half an hour, in to add margin, mixing 5 ~ 10 minutes, and discharge, the barrel immediately after sealing. Set aside.


【 Application 】

After emulsification anion ointment preparation of working fluid are as follows:

Padding method: 15 ~ 30 g/L

Impregnation method: 3 ~ 4% O.W.F), bath ratio 1:10; After finishing the fabric should be soft to dry as soon as possible.

This copolymer derivative reaction features is hot since the crosslinking compounds.


【 Note 】

1, has good compatibility with nonionic surfactants.

2, when high temperature decomposition. Avoid high temperature storage.

3, if the emulsion is placed a long time more than a year, floc, stir well, does not affect use.


【Storage and transportation】

1, according to non-dangerous goods transport.

2, plastic drum lined with plastic bag, 120/150 kg a barrel.

3, put in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse storage; Shelf life of twelve months.

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