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The leveling agent CJ-MY Cotton of the company for research and development in the market demand for cotton leveling agent used in the cellulose fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes. Its efficient dispersion, shift dyeability and emulsification and permeability can be effectively prevented from color dot, the stain is generated in the dyeing process, to thereby obtain the uniform dyeing of the fibers, and can increase the solubility of the dye to improve dye dyeing rate and the degree of bright color.


【Physical and Chemical Properties】

Appearance: light brown liquid PH (1%): 7 ± 1;

Ionic: anionic Solubility: soluble in water;

Components: polymer mixture with surfactant.


【Application characteristics】

1 A cotton leveler CJ-MY cellulose fibers as the reactive dyes, direct dyes leveler, having excellent dispersibility, can dye in a single molecular state is present in the dye bath, obtain the best leveling effect .

2 can effectively prevent the dye in the hydrolysis under alkaline conditions and result in lower rate of color.

3 having excellent solubilizing, penetration, dispersion, can produce flower color prevent dye instantaneous transfection. Slow dyeing, can effectively reduce the rate of dye in the dye early, resulting in the dyeing curve flat, uniform color yield.

4 chelated metal ions in the dye bath, the dispersion, increase the bright color of the dyed fabric.

5. Uneven staining fabric to improve the repair.


【Application methods】

1, reactive dyes, direct dyes disseminated, Cotton dye before leveling agent CJ-MY 1 to 3 g / L loop 3 ~ 5 min into the normal staining procedures.

Technology curve:


Soda ash

CJ-MY dye Sodium Sulfate 60 ° C

3 to 5 '20 30' 20 30 'for post-processing

2 color flower refurbished, should be based on the the fabric color flower degree of flexibility to adjust the amount of CJ-MY. The generally recommended dosage of the technology curve:

CJ-MY 2 ~ 5g / L

Wife dye concentration of the dye, 5 ~ 10% (o.w.f)

Sodium Sulfate 20 ~ 30g / L

Pure alkali 5 ~ 10g / L


Soda ash

CJ-MY dye Sodium Sulfate 80 ° C

3 ~ 5 '5' 5 '20' 20 30 'for post-processing



【Reference to the amount】

Dyed 1 ~ 3g / L

Back to repair 2 ~ 5g / L



1.The transport of dangerous goods by non-carrying light loading and unloading to prevent damage.

2. 25 kg carton packaging.

3. Storage is in a cool, dry, ventilated storage; shelf life of one year.



The above formula and process for reference only. How much of the amount of additives and process conditions to make the appropriate adjustments can be based on different fabrics, different dyes, different equipment.

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