High temperature leveling agent CJ - GS

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High temperature leveling agent CJ - GS is the company to market demand and the scattered high concentration of high temperature leveling agent, because of its efficient dispersion, migration and emulsification and permeability, so widely used in polyester fiber and T/C, T/R blended fabric and dyeing of polyester superfine fibre.


【 Properties 】

Appearance: light brown, transparent or viscous liquid PH (1%) : 7 + 1;

Ionic: Yin/non solubility: soluble in water;

Components: styrene phenol with coconut oil polyoxyethylene ether.


【 Characteristics 】

1. An effective penetration emulsified leveling performance, which can effectively prevent the disperse dye dyeing polyester fiber dyed "transient" color flowers;

2. Good heat dispersion, which can avoid scattered in the dye bath "secondary condensing" color points and spots;

3. The retarding ability strong, can coordinate synchronization of the mixed dye dyeing, boosting the "reproducibility";

4. Good dye migration performance of polyester fabric after dyeing cloth has a strong ability of repair;

5. Low foam, basic does not have any effect on dyeing color;


【 Application 】

General need according to different dye house dyeing machinery and dyed fabric composition is different, and the dyeing color different elastic adjustment.

A: normal polyester warp/weft knitting for:

Disperse dye x % 130 ℃ by 30 min

CJ - GS 0.1 ~ 0.2 g/L PH: 5 ~ 6

B: sensitive color:

Disperse dye x % 130 ℃ by 30 ~ 60 min

CJ - GS 0.2 ~ 0.3 g/L PH: 5 ~ 6

C: polyester microfiber fabric

Disperse dye x % 130 ℃ (45 ~ 60 min

CJ - GS 0.3 ~ 0.5 g/L PH: 5 ~ 6


【 Storage 】

1. According to the transport of dangerous goods, in the light light discharge, not inverted bucket will, in case of leakage of barrel broken.

2. Plastic drum with inner plastic bags of 150 kg / 50/120.

3. Put in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse storage; Shelf life for six months.

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