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Putty CJ-668

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Repair filler is a special polymer compound product of the Company, using a small amount of repair filler can achieve excellent permeability dyeability and dispersing the disperse dye has a strong ability to dye transfer, the dye on the fabric in the high temperature and high pressure conditions to procure from at the high concentration is transferred to the low concentration colored uniformly throughout the fibers, so as to achieve the purpose of flower color patch.



The aromatic esters main surfactant complexation.



Appearance: Brown transparent liquid;

Ion: anion;

PH: 3.0 ~ 4.5 (1% solution);

Solubility: self-emulsifying body stock solution is added to the water stirring to fully emulsify and disperse light.



1, has a good perspective dyeability, dispersibility, dye transfer ability;

2, achromatic minimal, essentially the same shade repaired;

3, the process is simple, easy to grasp;

4, is mainly used for polyester fabrics pigmentation, disperse dyes color flower patch.



Disperse dyes (the amount of the original formula) 5 to 10%

The slight color flower pigmentation Healant 1 ~ 3g / l

The serious color flower pigmentation Healant 3 ~ 5g / l

Adjusting the pH value: 5.0 to 6.0 (acetic acid) from 130 to 135 ℃ × 45 ~~ 60min → cooling cleaning



1.Refurbished temperature higher than the temperature of dyeing requirements, the 135 ℃ best results;

2, refurbished, take appropriate dyes;

3 color point, stain due to the complexity of the causes, the necessary synergies additives.



1. By non-dangerous goods transport.

2. plastic buckets lined with plastic film 50/120/150kg / barrel.

3. plastic barrel stamped put in a cool, well-ventilated place, the storage period of one year.

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