The acidic water saving soap lotion CJ-313

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This product is mainly used for reactive dyes by alkaline solid after the color and washing, and soaping, is a new concept of environmentally friendly water-saving soap lotion. And soaping two steps into one, effectively reducing the production cost.



High polymer organic acids and the polycarboxylic acid polymer oligomers.



Appearance: colorless to light-colored transparent liquid (temperature 25 ° C);

Ion: anion;

PH value: 2 ± 1;

Solubility: diluted with water in any proportion;

Stability: acid, alkali, electrolyte resistance.



1.This product has excellent in cushioning properties, on the inside of the fiber base can be fully decomposed, and the PH value of the treated fabric (yarn) to a controllable and avoid other organic acids react with the alkali is a strong form strong alkali salts of weak acids, formed on the surface of the fabric (yarn) of the shielding effect, and the alkali locked inside the fabric (yarn fibers), resulting in the water, the surface of the fabric (yarn), the interior of the fiber pH value differences.

2. The product has good washing, dispersion can be fully wash floating color to prevent the return stick to improve color fastness, bright shade pure.

3.This product can remove reactive dyes soda ash fixing after washing and not completely "white hair" phenomenon and feel astringent stiff.

4.This product and soaping combined, can be an effective way to save water, use of electricity, reduce the pressure on sewage treatment, create the greatest economic benefits for the use of enterprise.

5. This product does not contain an inorganic acid such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, safe, efficient, small foam, easy to wash.

6.This product can also be used in the pre-treatment bleaching and washing.



Stained discharge → warm water → wash → 95 ℃ soaping (plus acidic soap lotion adjust PH 6 to 7) at room temperature →

Warm water → room temperature wash

Recommended dosage: soaping: 1 to 3 g / L

Pretreatment: 0.3 ~ 0.5 g / L



1 By non-dangerous goods transport.

2 plastic buckets lined with plastic film 50/120/150kg / barrel.

3 plastic barrel stamped put in a cool, well-ventilated place, the storage period of one year.

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