Powerful dispersant CJ-PA

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Powerful dispersant CJ-PA is dedicated to disperse dyeing of polyester fiber dispersion is poor, some kind of color is easy to color points are prone to layer the difference between hole vertigo, as well as polyester fabric stain caused by dyeing defects and development and design of dispersant , because of having a strong dispersing effect, so that the package dyeing of the polyester yarn and polyester fabric dyeing defect probability is greatly reduced, thereby improving the stability and reproducibility of the dyeing.


【Physical and chemical characteristics】

Appearance: light brown transparent liquid PH (1%): 6 ± 1;

Components: a variety of surfactants mixture with solubility: soluble in water;

Ionic: anion.


【Application Performance】

Powerful dispersant CJ-PA is suitable for bobbin dyeing of polyester yarn and gray fabric difficult stain Ze efficient dispersant, can effectively prevent the difference between the polyester yarn dyed layer and "holes" flower generation, as well as to prevent the fabric dyeing color point and stain;

. Good stability, acid, high temperature resistance, electrolyte, can improve the stability of the dye bath;

Disperse dyeing of polyester fiber, the use of this product without dispersion coupled with other high-temperature leveling agent;

Will not affect the final dye coloring rate, dyed color will not change and the impact of color fastness;

Low foaming;



Each plant dyed fabrics and dyeing process, usage flexible adjustments generally recommended to use:

Polyester cheese ordinary color flowers the color of the layer of the difference between the "holes" prone

Disperse dyes x% x%

Strong dispersant CJ-PA 0.5 ~ 1g / L 2 g / L

PH 5 ~ 65 ~ 6

Temperature, time, 130 ℃ × 30 ~ 60 min 130 ℃ × 30 ~ 60 min


2. Prone to color point a polyester fabric ordinary color stain color

Disperse dyes x% x%

Strong dispersant CJ-PA 0.8 ~ 1g / L 1 ~ 2g / L

PH 5 ~ 65 ~ 6

Temperature, time, 130 ℃ × 30 ~ 45 min 130 ℃ × 45 ~ 60min



1.Handling the transport of dangerous goods by non-light loading and unloading, not to the bucket upside down, to prevent the barrel to break leakage.

2. plastic buckets lined with plastic 50/120/150 kg.

3.Storage is in a cool, dry, ventilated storage; shelf life of six months.

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