Oxygen bleaching stabilizer CB - 218

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Product Details

【 Composition 】

Special water-soluble polyphosphate, organic chelating agent, alkaline earth metal compound and into.


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: light yellow transparent liquid;

Ion: anionic;

PH: 6 ~ 7 aqueous solution (1%);

Solubility: arbitrary mixed with water is dissolved.


【 Characteristics 】

Oxygen bleaching stabilizer CB - 218 in alkaline peroxide bleaching bath, it can prevent peroxide decomposition too rapidly, and fiber is the best protection. In the process of bleaching, its role can prevent impurity in cotton and linen fiber dispersion and deposition, and can promote in the process of cleaning impurity removal. Suitable for cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber blended fabric of hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizers. Application of continuous and semi-continuous, cold heap, big bath ratio, bleaching, etc all can obtain the ideal bleaching effect.


【 Application 】

1, cotton and blended fabric continuous pad steaming method process of oxygen bleaching: 1-0 by 100% H2O2 dosage proportion. 6-0.8.

(example: 100% H2O2 10 g/l; CB - 218 6 ~ 8 g/l, bleaching solution PH adjustment is: 10 ~ 11.)

2, cotton, polyester, cotton, silk blended fabric one bath alkali oxygen pad steaming method: 100% H2O2 dosage proportion of 1:1. 0 ~ 1.5.

3, cotton and blended fabric cold pad-batch bleaching process: practice by 100% H2O2 dosage ratio 1:0. 8 ~ 1.0.

4, jig dyeing, and other processing equipment before impregnation oxygen bleaching: 1-0 by 100% H2O2 dosage proportion. Use 4 ~ 0.6.

Note: oxygen bleaching formula still need to add other additives according to the requirements of conventional process.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum with inner plastic bags of 150 kg/barrels / 50/125.

3. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, the shelf life of at least one year.

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