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New wide temperature of desizing enzyme CB - 2000 - L


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New wide temperature of desizing enzyme CB - 2000 - L

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CB - 2000 - l ɑ - amylase, is a new type of bacteria as the formula of the basic components and the application in the textile industry special desizing enzyme preparation. Biodegradable starch, starch derivatives on the fabric and the mixture of starch synthesis slurry paste. CB - 2000 l has a strong ability of starch decomposition, can quickly into dextrin, starch in the sequence of the washing process to remove easily.


【 Characteristics 】

Specific gravity: 1.1;

PH value: 5.6 or greater;

Appearance: brown liquid.


【 Characteristics 】

1. The temperature range from 20 to 80 ℃ has strong effect;

2. Used in all kinds of cotton and blended or mixed fabrics desizing process;

3. Especially suitable for cotton, yarn-dyed fabric, corduroy desizing;

4. The super wide pH value scope of work: 5.0 ~ 7.5.


【 Application 】

The recommended dosage of CB - 2000 - L: 1 ~ 4 g/L (according to the equipment and the sizing of the grey situation, must be approved by the results to adjust the dosage), nonionic penetrating agent can be added to bath for 1 ~ 2 g/L, in order to help wetting, penetration (be intermiscibility test) before use. But the chelating agent cannot be used with bath, hard water and salt can enhance the stability of desizing enzyme. Process conditions: pH 5.0 ~ 7.5; Temperature of 20 ~ 80 ℃.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport. Avoid dust inhaled enzyme.

2. 25/50 kg buckets.

3. Lay aside is put in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse in below 25 ℃, dry to avoid direct sunlight. Product configured the best stability and prolong shelf life or harsh conditions (such as high temperature, high humidity) could lead to the increase of the dosage.

4. The storage period for three months.

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