Penetration scouring agent CB-88

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Permeation scouring agent CB-88 having excellent penetration, emulsifying, dispersing, wash and degreasing function, thereby effectively help remove the impurities on the yarn, hemp fiber fabric, and hemp fibers and other fibers blended with fabric, wax quality, grease, slurry, and cotton hulls. Particularly evident in the case of the high slot caustic soda aids sub-cylinder with liquid advantage of cost savings and improve the pre-treatment of dyeing and bleaching quality plays an important role.



A variety of synergistic mixtures of surfactants.



Appearance: pale yellow oil liquid;

Ion: anionic / non-ionic;

PH: 7-8 (1% aqueous solution);

Solubility: easily mixed with hot and cold water to dissolve.



This product has emulsifying, dispersing, penetration, net wash, degreasing, alkali resistance, resistance to hard water, resistance to oxidation, high temperature, high cloud point, low foam, can procure NaOH and H2O2 chemicals, seep into the interior of the fiber, fully saponification, puffed, hydrolysis, bleaching, extraction role in helping to improve the whiteness and water absorption. Suitable for cotton, linen, polyester, Nylon, sticky cotton blend fabric.



1, cotton and blended fabric rolling continuous steaming process scouring: 6 to 10 g / l;

2, cotton and blended fabric continuous rolling steaming process oxygen bleaching: 2 ~~ 4g / l

3, the jigger and other former processing equipment impregnation method bleaching: 1 ~ 4g / l



Does not contain any banned substances, is environmentally friendly additives.



1By non-dangerous goods transport.

2 plastic buckets lined with plastic 50/125/150kg / barrel.

3 at least can be stored for one year, frost solidification can be re-used after the stirring of the melt.

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