Polishing enzyme CB - PG

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Product Details

Finishing enzymes CB - PG is a high concentration of liquid cellulase, used throughout the cotton, cotton polyester blended, life is bright and clean linen fabric and garment finishing applications (such as unhairing, whitening brightening, surface modification and soft). In addition, this product on 100% of days silk has excellent finishing effect.


【 Composition 】

Enzyme preparations.


【 Characteristics 】

Appearance: amber liquid;

Specific gravity: 1.15;

PH value: 4.6-5.0.


【 Characteristics 】

Under the lower enzyme preparation to add quantity, CB - PG for different fabric and garment surface polishing and soft effect, can fully control the fibrosis and for 100% of tencel products with excellent durable finishing effect. This product is compatible with most other additives, including non-ionic wetting agent, dispersing agent, lubricant, pumice and diatomite, compatibility tests that can be used to measure its effect and stability of enzymes.

This product is very effective to fibre products, surface polishing, prevent pilling, improving shooting, decrease dead cotton and immature cotton, etc; Days and days to silk has excellent original fibrosis control action. Also apply to denim to return old finishing, can according to user's preferences to produce different storage apparent effect, can be obtained for the yeast of the grinding effect range is very wide, can be a stone mill, also can is a stone mill.


【 Application 】

To obtain stable effect must even completely desizing, non-ionic wetting agent and dispersant can help enhance the effect of enzyme preparation.

1. Recommended process parameter PH: 4.0-4.0 temperature: 45 to 60 ℃ bath ratio: 3:1 - those days process time: 30 to 60 minutes

2. The reference usage: garments fabric 1-3.0% denim 0.5 1.8 0.5 0.5 percentage points

3. The inactivation of enzyme as working liquid PH greater than 9, temperature greater than 60 ℃ under the condition of keep for 15 minutes. Available soda ash (sodium carbonate) or borax, boric acid sodium), or adjust PH alkaline detergent.


【Storage and transportation】

1, according to non-dangerous goods transport. Avoid dust inhaled enzyme.

2, 30 kg buckets.

3, storage in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse in below 25 ℃

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