Practice to dye one bath scouring agent CB - 188

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Practice to dye one bath scouring agent CB - 188 belongs to new energy saving and emission reduction of novel environmentally friendly dyeing auxiliaries, because of its good wetting, emulsification, dispersion and clean function, make a bath dyeing factory practice dyeing cotton products complete, effectively reduce the production cost and provide the quality guarantee.


【 Characteristics 】

Appearance: transparent to light milk thickens.

Composition: a variety of surfactant compound with content;

Ionic: Yin non-ionic;

PH (1%) : 7 + 1;

Solubility: soluble in water.


【 Characteristics 】

1. The advantages of rapid effective wetting, emulsification, dispersion, washing function;

2. Can with cotton fiber dyeing with reactive dye bath, in the dyeing process of cotton fiber at the same time the pectic substance, wax, and ash removal;

3. The dye content bright color, feel is good;

4. The amount of dye to color and color fastness to without any effect;

5. Simple technology, convenient operation, reduce the production cost;

6. Belong to environmental protection products, biodegradable;


【 Applicable method  】

CB - 188 lian dyeing one bath scouring agent use cotton products. In reactive dyeing, practice in deep color dyed in one bath, its dosage can be according to the different organization specifications of fabric dyeing machinery and flexible adjustment.

Generally suggested usage:

CB - 188-1 ~ 2 g/L

Dye x % (O.W.F)

Na2SO4 g/L

Na2CO3 g/L


【 Note 】

This product is a variety of surfactant compound with content, should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid heat and direct sunlight.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to the transport of dangerous goods, in the light light discharge, not inverted bucket will, in case of leakage of barrel broken.

2. Plastic drum with inner plastic bags of 150 kg / 50/120.

3. Put in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse storage; Shelf life for six months

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