980J penetrating scouring agent

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Product Description: Changzhou Jili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of truck and special vehicle cab shock absorbers and automobile cab turnover mechanism.

Product Details

980 j penetration scouring agent has excellent net osmosis, emulsification, dispersion, washing and function of degreasing, effectively help get rid of the yarn, cotton fabric and cotton and linen fiber and other fiber blended fabric on the cotton seed shellis impurities, wax, oil, pulp and etc. To meet the requirements of practice bleaching and dyeing pretreatment technique plays a very important role.


【 Composition 】

A variety of surfactant synergistic mixtures.


【 Characteristics 】

Outside view: light yellow oily matter liquid;

Ion: anionic;

PH: 7 ~ 8 aqueous solution (1%);

Solubility: mix with hot and cold water easy to dissolve.


【 Characteristics 】

This product has the emulsification, dispersion, permeability, net washing, degreasing ability, resistance to alkali and hard water, high temperature resistant, resistant to oxidation, high cloud point, low foam, can cause the NaOH and H2O2 chemical items such as seep into the fibrous inside, full of saponification, puffing, hydrolysis, bleaching, etc, to help improve the whiteness and absorbent. Suitable for cotton, hemp, polyester cotton, kam cotton, viscose cotton blended fabric, etc.


【 Application 】

1, cotton and blended fabric continuous scouring pad steaming method process: 6 ~ 10 g/l;

2, cotton and blended fabric continuous pad steaming method process of oxygen bleaching: 2 ~ 4 g/l

3, jig dyeing, and other processing equipment before impregnation method shows that 2 ~ 6 g/l


【 Description 】

Do not contain any banned substances, belong to environmental protection additives.


【Storage and transportation】

1. According to non-dangerous goods transport.

2. The plastic drum with inner plastic bags of 150 kg/barrels / 50/125.

3. Can be stored at least a year, the frost solidification, after melting mixing can be reused.

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